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Driving Outcomes One Cost-Effective Application at a Time

MLM Biologics Inc. (MLM) is a Delaware C-Corp company founded on the modern interpretation of Gandhian Economic Principle of “More for Less for Many”.  The company's plans and projects are centered around developing, manufacturing and commercializing medical devices, primarily on a biologics platform, that are effective both clinically (evidence- and market-driven) and financially (cost-competitive), and have the opportunity to serve the needs of masses of patients worldwide using non-conventional marketing and sales distribution strategies.   The company is privately held and operates out of the city of Alachua,  Florida.

bio-ConneKt® Wound Matrix

bio-ConneKt® Wound Matrix is a progressive wound treatment option capable of healing a wide range of wounds.  It’s FDA-cleared, produced in an ISO-compliant facility, and best of all, a promising treatment option for the full closure of chronic wounds.  By providing the body with what it needs to heal, it minimizes the need for repeat applications by compensating for several limitations of chronic wounds such as damaged cells, corrupt scaffolding, infection and other characteristics typical of the chronic wound environment.

bio-ConneKt® Wound Matrix is now serving VA and DoD Hospitals and has been established on FSS and DAPA, through Affirmative Solutions, LLC., our SDVOSB supplier.

bio-ConneKt® Wound Matrix is collagen-based and supplies the wound environment with bioavailable collagen that is essential to healing. Imagine a building with damaged or missing scaffolding. The scaffolding must be replaced in order to restore the building. That’s what bio-ConneKt® Wound Matrix does for the body.