The best outcomes are derived when science and technology work together, which results in innovation. The product development team at MLM Biologics harnessed the ideal Structural, Biological and Clinical characteristics that resulted in a product preferred by the experts. When you want innovation, you want the bio-ConneKt® Wound Matrix.

The High-tech Low-touch Paradigm

Collagen is a critical and permanent cog in the entire wound healing cascade, which can last from days to weeks depending on the wound type (acute to chronic). A processing technology that enables this collagen bioavailability (high-tech), immediately moves wound care from a slow incremental healing requiring multiple product applications (low-tech), to a dynamic comprehensive closure mode. This also results in minimizing (low-touch) the need for repeat, and costly, applications of the product.

Being a porous and conformable matrix, bio-ConneKt® allows for wound healing to proceed on all sides of the wound including from the wound bed up, as opposed to the traditional mode, from the margins. This results in minimal wound contraction, and a more robust wound closure.

Wound types, wound locations, user preferences of clinicians, compliance levels of patients are all variables that impact outcome. MLM Biologics took all of these into consideration when designing bio-ConneKt® Wound Matrix. The result is a paradigm shift in wound care: “high-tech, low-touch” from the traditional “low-tech, high-touch” concept of wound management.

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