Our mission is simple: deliver optimum wound care management for patients and doctors. By identifying what are the essential biological, biochemical and chemical attributes that facilitate and/or impede wound healing, we are able to continue providing the most effective and economical solutions. MLM’s mission: More for Less for Many.


With more than 85 combined years of experience in the biotechnology industry, it is fair to say that the MLM Biologics Team possesses the requisite expertise to create, produce and distribute its medical devices on a global scale.  They are looking forward to many more years of supplying top-class products that change the lives of many people.  It’s the MLM Biologics Mission: More for Less for Many.

Dr. Chandra Nataraj, PhD, DVM; CEO, CTO

Chandra has 25 years translational research experience including 14 years in medical devices. Chandra has managed multiple NIH grants, authored several publications and patents. Following his academic appointments at Duke and Univ. of Nevada Schools of Medicine, he has held senior level and executive positions at Regeneration Technologies and Pegasus Biologics. Chandra has been directly involved in product development and commercialization of multiple medical devices. His diverse and extensive experience causes him to remain in the medical device lecture circuit as well as a technical consultant for a variety of medical device (biologic) companies.

Mr. Ken Harvey; President

Ken brings to MLM Biologics more than 30 years of experience as a senior medical device executive. He has significant global experience in Orthopedic, Biologics, and small joint medical devices (Smith & Nephew, Regeneration Technologies, Pegasus Biologics, MMI & Aperion Biologics). He has worked extensively in worldwide product launches. He has managed US and worldwide direct sales organizations as well as distribution companies. His work has taken him to different regions of the world like Europe, the Middle East and Africa. As a result, Ken has lived abroad while managing Sales and Marketing efforts.

Mr. Richard Robinson, MS, MBA; Director of Operations

Richard has 30 years medical device product development and manufacturing experience. It includes allograft- and xenograft-based tissues and spans Class II and Class III Medical Devices. Richard has served as the Operations lead at Globus Medical, Bone Bank Allografts, Aperion Biologics, Tutogen Medical and Regeneration Technologies prior to joining the MLM Biologics team. He has often been appointed to help design and manage the construction of state-of -the-art facilities – one as large as 22,000 square feet at the cost of $26 million. Richard’s expertise has been put to good use in the launch of 8 different biologic medical devices nationally as well as some internationally. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry as well has his Master of Science in Material Sciences from the University of Florida. He obtained his Master of Business degree through St. Leo University.

Where We Are and Where We Are Going

With the help of other forward-thinking medical professionals, MLM Biologics is currently establishing its presence in various places around the globe as well as in the U.S.  Whether you are a patient, doctor, or distributor, you can play a vital role in MLM Biologics' successful reach to help people facing serious wounds.  Simply contact us.  We will respond to you within 1 business day.